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Message from the Chairman & President

"Take it from society and give it back to society"
this is the core idea motivating Lucidity's commitment in social responsibility. We promise to follow the ethical standards relevant to our employees, customers, investors, society, and environment. Our corporate vision is to "bring brightness and safety to people's lives." Furthermore, we firmly believe that we can continuously make contributions by playing a role in stabilizing the society. We hope more companies will follow suit and help bring peace and joy to every corner of our society.
*Business Innovation*
In regard to product innovation, our aspiration is to be the "only one"—each new product is expected to be a forerunner in the market. Every year, we continuously bring in more automation production facilities, so that we can establish consistent product qualities, decrease defective products, and thus reduce waste of resources. We market our product more on its "value," less on its "price."
*Environmental Protection*
The priority of our product design is to make things lighter, thinner, and safer. We try to cut down the amount of materials used while generating the equivalent amount of utility. We also set up a water recycling system: 95% of our daily water consumption is recovered for irrigating plants greening the entire company site. In addition, we installed solar panels on the roof space of our factory building. It helps lower factory indoor temperatures and makes use of renewable energy. We treasure the limited amount of resources on earth. We make efforts to design our newly built office and factory buildings based on green building standards.
*Social Contribution*
We established the Tzu Yang Social Welfare Foundation and are actively involved in public welfare enhancement. The foundation provides support and assistance for low-income families, disadvantaged individuals, kids and juveniles education, and social activities promoted by other NPOs, etc. Every year, Lucidity employees would contribute one day to be volunteers—act as people with their palms down. The truly fortunate people are those who give, not those who receive. Not only do we promote green practices within our company site, but we also encourage our employees to adopt green practices in their bodies—by setting two vegetarian days on our company's dining schedule per week. Vegetarian diets can keep our bodies and minds healthy and also help save the Earth.

Lucidity understands truly that while companies are to pursue profits and growth, the pursuit of corporate social responsibility should not be a less priority. We are committed to the goal of sustainable environmental development—in this regard, Lucidity thinks of CSR as working toward greater energy efficiency, lower carbon footprints, and less resource consumptions. To attain economic growth and environmental conservation simultaneously, Lucidity will strive to develop more energy efficient products and bring them to the global market. We hope to make concrete contributions to the green movement and become a pioneer in our industry.

Looking toward the future, we will redouble our efforts executing the above-mentioned CSR principles. Our aspiration states,

Lucidity Enterprise Co., Ltd. ‧ Chairman
Lucidity's practices in social responsibility can be found in the corporate values which we have long followed:
IntegrityWe speak the truth, obey the laws, and never participate in illegal activities. We stick to the promises we make to all of our stakeholders.
InnovationWe make the best utilization of resources with the least amount of consumption and develop green products like LED truck lamps.
CooperationWe build long-term relationships with customers and suppliers through open discussions.
CaringWe treasure our employees, cherish social resources, and fulfill our social responsibility.
The mission of a corporation is to pursue growth of sales and profits. However, promoting the sustainable development of corporations and the environment is a responsibility that our generation cannot relinquish, and it is also a universal value we are to follow. The meaning of sustainability is "being able to satisfy the needs of this generation, while not infringing the rights of the future generations in fulfilling their needs." Thus, it is especially important that we take a long-term view in thinking of our corporate strategies. We need to give consideration to both the present and the future and balance all internal and external stakeholders' common interests. Our ultimate goal is in pursuit of the social, ecological, and economic benefits of the triple bottom-line.
Internally, what we strive to accomplish are the following:
1.   to care for our employees;
2.   to construct a peaceful, safe, healthy, and cheerful working environment;
3.   employee satisfactions.
Externally, what we strive to accomplish are the following:
1.   to follow the idea "Take it from society and give it back to society" and keep promoting social welfare and helping those in need;
2.   to act as a global citizen, help environmental conservation, reduce our carbon impacts, and make efforts to become a green enterprise;
3.   to establish long-term relationships with customers and suppliers, to grow together and give back to society together;
4.   to enforce management of the company and create reasonable financial returns for our shareholders.
Lucidity has already stepped into its fourth decade. We know from experience that our past success was achieved by continuously focusing on the correct objectives. The practice of social responsibility is a correct path. We expect that all of our colleagues will keep moving forward—caring for our society together, doing more good deeds, helping more people become better persons, keeping our environment sustainable, and at the meanwhile, making Lucidity "a first-class enterprise people respect!" *
Lucidity Enterprise Co., Ltd. ‧ President