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ESH Policy

Lucidity Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional lighting manufacturer for commercial vehicles. With constant research, development and innovation, our products are selling to everywhere. With the commitment to environmental protection, we ensure that our products comply with domestic and foreign regulations, and the production process implements zero environmental pollution. Lucidity makes continuous improvement of the workplace to create a accidents-free environment and fulfills our social responsibility.

We are committed to

* Abide by relevant laws and regulations, and implement risk management.
  Evaluate and control risk assessment through various activities in the company and follow national and international environmental protection conventions to reduce the risk of any possible harm.
* Pollution prevention and continual improvement.
  Committed to pollution prevention and reduction. Periodically review environmental objectives and the ESH system.
* Promote green policy to reduce carbon emissions.
  Promote environmental protection activities and encourage employee participation in the company's implementation of energy conservation, recycling, and carbon reduction policy.
* Promote accident prevention and employee health.
  Cultivate the ESH awareness of all employees through education programs. Be safety-oriented and maintain a zero disasters working environment. Protect employees' health and provide regular health checks.
* Improve the ESH system and fulfill social responsibilities.
  Respond to environmental trends and provide feedbacks for project planning and execution. Make continual improvements on ESH policies and management performance. Reduce environmental impacts and fulfill our corporate responsibility in environmental protection.