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(Invisible Champion for MIT) The Low-profile King of Truck Lights Treats his Employees like his Family
01 Mar. 2017 Liberty Times
(Invisible Champion for MIT) The Low-profile King of Truck Lights Treats his Employees like his Family
Mar. 01, 2017 Liberty TImes

Starting from a 10-people factory, Lucidity founded its own brand, and continues innovation and development in Taiwan for over 30 years. Currently it has more than 450 employees, and has branches in Europe, North America, and Australia, selling products all over the world. It’s the largest manufacturer for truck and trailer lights in Taiwan, and rose to the 3rd largest truck light manufacturer in North America. 

No Plagiarism, Independent R&D for 80% Products
In the beginning in 1981, Lucidity started as an OEM, and 10 years ago Chairman Huang began to invest in automated production equipment, housed in the 66-thousand-square-meter factory. By building modernized production lines, Lucidity competes against competitors in Europe and North American with fast manufacturing pace and good quality, which helped Lucidity earn more than 2 billion NTD last year. There is a 30-people R&D team in Lucidity which is one of the most important “assets” in the company. Our products are all unique and not from plagiarism, 80% of which are designed on our own, others are designed with customer commission.
Without Thank, Without Happiness
In Chairman Huang’s opinion, an enterprise is not only for making money, but also for social responsibility. Therefore, Lucidity hires the physically challenged with the number 3 times more than that in government regulations. He also founded Tzu Yang Social Welfare Foundation in order to help the social vulnerable groups.
Birth Encouragement and Interest-Free Loan for Property Purchasing
Chairman Huang treats every employee as his family members: he provides birth subsidies for employees, 50 thousand NTD each birth and each birth acquires 5 thousand each month from until 3 years old. He also provides interest-free loan for property purchasing to relieve young employees’ burden in buying their own house. In addition, Lucidity provides free dining, and encourages staff to join outdoor activities, such as cycling around Taiwan and climbing Mt. Jade.
499KW Solar Power Panels Providing 50% Electricity Consumption
In order to be environmentally-friendly, Lucidity spent 40 million NTD on solar power panels when the factory was constructed. The panels adjust to the sun incidence angle automatically, providing 499KW, equaling to the whole electricity consumption in winter, and half of it in summer. There is also waste water recycling system in the complex, recycling 95% of the used water. The complex is greened with landscaping, and waste sorting system is performed. With so many green facilities and systems, Lucidity is certified with Green Factory Label from Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
As for the next objective for Lucidity, Chairman Huang says that it lies not in the revenue, but in how many people he can help. When we see our own value from others, it brings us the most happiness.